Meet the leadership team at Primior, driving innovation in property management across Los Angeles with a focus on client success.


Shaping the future through collaborative leadership: Primior's team is the driving force behind our success.

Explore the professional team taking our investment partners to new heights.

At Primior, our leadership is more than a hierarchy; it’s a collaboration of minds committed to innovation, excellence, and integrity. Our seasoned executives and management team bring together diverse experiences and expertise, all aligned with the shared vision of transforming the investment landscape. Together, we foster a culture of growth, empowerment, and community, ensuring that our values translate into every project and partnership we undertake.

Decades of Experience

With a rich legacy spanning several decades, Primior’s leadership encapsulates a wealth of experience, translating wisdom into innovative strategies that drive success for our investors.

Investment Expertise

Primior’s investment expertise shines through a track record of excellence, offering tailored solutions that leverage deep industry knowledge and forward-thinking to create lasting value for investors.

Executive Team

Steering innovation with experience: Our executive team embodies excellence, ambition, and strategic insight.

Our executive team is composed of industry veterans who possess a rich blend of knowledge, creativity, and strategic thinking. With backgrounds spanning finance, real estate, technology, and more, they guide Primior with a keen eye on innovation, ensuring that we continually break new ground. Their leadership fosters a culture where forward-thinking is encouraged, and excellence is a given, paving the way for a future that redefines the investment paradigm.

Johnney Zhang
Founder, CEO, Managing Partner

A serial investor and entrepreneur, Johnney’s vision and strategic acumen have propelled Primior to the forefront of asset management, unlocking value through innovation.

Peter Ciaccia
CIO, Managing Partner

Leveraging his robust technological and operational insights, Peter shapes Primior’s investment strategies, aligning them with market trends and client needs.

Management Team

Building success through collaboration: Our management team integrates expertise with a shared vision.

The management team at Primior plays a vital role in translating our core values into actionable strategies. Comprising experienced professionals with diverse skillsets, they work hand in hand with the executive team to ensure that every aspect of our business operates seamlessly. Their dedication to excellence, innovation, and collaboration ensures that Primior remains at the forefront of industry advancements, continually creating value for our clients and partners.

Andrew Palacios
Managing Director, Marketing

Guiding Primior’s marketing initiatives, Andrew’s leadership transforms market insights into compelling narratives that resonate with investors.

Chuck Minyard
Managing Director, Architecture & Design

With an eye for aesthetics and functionality, Chuck leads the creative design process at Primior, turning vision into reality through architectural excellence.

Brad Cullen
Director, Leasing & Sales

Brad’s strategic oversight in commercial leasing and sales fosters growth and client satisfaction, optimizing property performance.

Julie Mays Ghosh
Director of Investor Relations

Julie’s relationship-focused approach strengthens Primior’s investor connections, ensuring alignment, trust, and partnership in all investment endeavors.

Stephanie Archer
Director of Asset Management

With an extensive background in financial strategy and real estate, Stephanie leads the Asset Management division, focusing on maximizing investment returns, risk assessment, and tailor-made solutions for property optimization.

Cullen Cheung
Associate of Sales

Cullen’s dedication to client satisfaction and property management excellence reinforces Primior’s reputation for delivering exceptional service and value.


Join a team that inspires growth: Career opportunities at Primior are pathways to personal and professional development.

Primior’s success is not only about investments and returns; it’s about the growth of our people. We are constantly looking for talented and passionate individuals who are ready to embark on a journey that challenges and rewards in equal measure. Our commitment to fostering a supportive and inspiring work environment ensures that each team member has the opportunity to thrive. At Primior, we believe in empowering our staff, investing in their growth, and celebrating their successes. Join us, and be part of a team that is shaping the future of the investment industry.

confident property management team at Primior
Careers at Primior

Explore various career opportunities at Primior and take your professional journey to the next level with our firm.

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