Best Practices for Hiring an Onsite Property Manager

Best Practices for Hiring an Onsite Property Manager

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Best Practices for Hiring an Onsite Property Manager

Best Practices for Hiring an Onsite Property Manager

The short-term rental market is successful, with more property owners turning their investments into vacation homes and temporary residences. This surge means more competition and a greater need for your property to stand out. Selecting the right property management company is no longer just an option; it’s crucial to the success of your rental business. A good company can help your property achieve higher occupancy rates, maintain positive guest reviews, and ensure your investment remains lucrative.

Identifying Your Needs

Every short-term rental has its unique challenges and demands. From managing bookings to ensuring your property is clean and welcoming for every guest, the right property management team makes all the difference. Here’s what you should expect them to cover:

  • Effective Booking Management: Keeping your calendar full while avoiding double bookings.
  • Top-notch Guest Communication: Handling inquiries, confirmations, and any issues that arise, promptly and politely.
  • Maintenance and Upkeep: Ensuring the property is in perfect condition for guests, addressing repairs swiftly.
  • Marketing Your Property: Using the right channels to make sure potential guests know about your property.

The role of a property management company goes beyond just handling the day-to-day. It’s about enhancing the guest experience, maximizing your income, and reducing the stress of managing a short-term rental.

Starting Your Search

Finding the right property management company starts with knowing where to look. Here are some straightforward strategies:

  • Network with Fellow Investors: Talk to peers who already use a property management service. Personal recommendations can lead you to trusted companies.
  • Online Search: A simple “short-term property management companies near me” search can reveal local options worth considering.
  • Local Real Estate Agencies: Many agencies either offer management services or can recommend companies they partner with.
  • Spotting Well-Managed Properties: Take note of properties in your area that are always in great shape and seem to be booked often. Finding out who manages these properties can give you a good starting point.

The value of seeing a company’s work first-hand can’t be overstated. Visiting properties they manage, checking their online presence, and reading reviews will give you a solid sense of their capabilities and fit for your needs.

What to Look For

Easy-to-Navigate Websites: A good property management company should have a website that’s easy to get around. You want to find information about their services, see pictures of properties they manage, and easily contact them. A well-designed website shows they care about presenting themselves well and making things easy for both property owners and guests.

Checking Out Properties: It’s smart to see some of the properties a company manages. This way, you can judge if they keep homes clean, well-maintained, and appealing to guests. If possible, visit a few rentals or look at their listings online to get a feel for their quality of service.

Positive Feedback: Online reviews from other property owners and guests can tell you a lot. Look for comments about how well the company communicates, handles problems, and meets guests’ needs. Remember, no one’s perfect, but a lot of good reviews mean they’re doing something right.

Matched Services: Make sure the company offers exactly what your rental needs. If you’re all about hands-off management, they should cover everything from guest check-in to cleaning. If you like being more involved, they might offer a flexible service package. It’s all about finding the right fit.

Importance of Local Expertise

Why Local Knowledge Is Key: Understanding the local market is crucial for setting the right prices, finding guests, and even knowing what kind of coffee to stock in the kitchen. A company that knows the local scene can make your rental more successful.

Primior’s Local Approach: At Primior, we dive deep into the local markets we serve. Our approach combines the latest in property management technology with a commitment to sustainability, making sure your rental stands out. By keeping an eye on local trends and community needs, we ensure your property is not just a place to stay but a part of the local fabric. Learn more about our strategy here.

Experience Matters

Choosing a Familiar Company: A property management company that has dealt with rentals like yours knows the ins and outs of what makes them tick. Whether you own a cozy studio downtown or a beachfront villa, finding a team that’s managed similar properties means they’re ready to tackle your specific challenges.

Benefits of Experience: An experienced company brings a lot to the table. They know how to market your property, keep guests happy, and handle the unexpected, from a broken air conditioner to a last-minute booking. Their know-how means your rental is in good hands, letting you relax and enjoy the benefits of owning a short-term rental without the headaches.

Transparent Communication and Fees

Clear Talks: The property management company must talk to you in a way that’s easy to understand. They should tell you straight up about what they do, how they do it, and what you can expect from them. No beating around the bush or fancy talk.

Know the Costs: Before you say yes to a company, make sure you get how their fees work. They should be able to explain their charges without making you scratch your head. Look for a company that’s upfront about costs so you won’t get surprised by hidden fees later on.

Ensuring Proper Coverage

Working with Insured Companies: Always choose a company that has the right insurance. This protects you, the company, and your property if something goes wrong. It’s like wearing a safety net.

Insurance Must-Haves:

  • General Liability Insurance: Covers accidents that could happen at your property.
  • Errors and Omissions Insurance: Protects you if the company makes a mistake in managing your property.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance: Important if they have employees working on your property, in case someone gets hurt.

Questions to Ask

When you’re talking to a potential property management company, here are some straight-to-the-point questions you should ask:

  • What services do you offer? Make sure they do what you need them to.
  • How do you set rental prices? Understand their strategy for pricing your property right.
  • How do you handle guest communication and emergencies? You want someone who’s on the ball.
  • Can you show me some of the properties you manage? Seeing their work will tell you a lot.
  • What’s your fee structure? Get clear details on costs.
  • How do you market the properties? Their marketing skills are key to keeping your place booked.
  • What kind of insurance do you have? Make sure they’re properly covered.

The answers will help you figure out if they’re a good match for your property and if you can trust them to take good care of your investment.

Why Primior Stands Out

Primior shines in the crowded field of property management for several reasons.

First, we’re all about using the latest tech to keep things running smoothly. This means easier bookings for guests and simpler management for you. 

Plus, we’re big on being green. Our sustainability efforts mean your rental can appeal to guests who care about the planet. 

And, because we know the areas we work in inside and out, we can help make sure your rental hits all the right notes with local flair and appeal.


Choosing the right property management company is crucial for your short-term rental’s success. It’s about finding a partner that’s as invested in your property’s success as you are. With a focus on clear communication, proper insurance, and matching services to your needs, you’re on the right path. And when you add Primior’s tech-savvy approach, commitment to sustainability, and local expertise into the mix, you’re setting your rental up for success.

Ready to take your short-term rental to the next level? Reach out to Primior. Let’s talk about how we can manage your property with the care and expertise it deserves.


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