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#1-Rated local property management services by Primior Property Management in Buena Park, CA, designed to maximize your investment value.


Primior is the #1 leading property management firm servicing Buena Park and surrounding cities.

Discover Primior's full range of property management expertise...

Welcome to Primior’s property management services in Buena Park, California, where we blend local expertise with our wide-ranging property management proficiency.
Our approach to property management in Buena Park, California is tailored to meet the unique demands of this dynamic market, ensuring that your property, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, is managed with the highest standard of excellence. At Primior, we are committed to delivering unparalleled service, maintaining your property’s value, and maximizing your investment returns.
Your Goals Are Ours

Our goal aligns perfectly with yours: to maximize the value of your investment. We understand that your property is not just a physical asset, but a significant financial investment. Our team works tirelessly to enhance its value through strategic management, careful tenant selection, and proactive maintenance.

Decades of Expertise

Led by industry veterans, the Primior team represents a synergy of expertise, vision, and passion. Our leadership fosters an environment that prioritizes client success, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence in asset management.

Why Primior

We provide the most comprehensive property management services in Buena Park, CA.

Discover Primior's full range of property management expertise...

At Primior, we specialize in delivering top-notch property management services across a diverse range of properties. Our team expertly handles residential, commercial, industrial, and retail properties, providing customized strategies to maximize value and streamline operations for your Buena Park, CA property.
Technology First

At Primior, we place a strong emphasis on utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance our property management services. Our technology-first approach includes advanced data analytics for market insights, digital tools for efficient property maintenance, and automated systems for streamlined tenant communication.

Vertical Integration

Primior’s vertically integrated property management model sets us apart, offering an all-inclusive range of services under one roof. From in-house maintenance and repair teams to expert leasing agents and financial analysts, we cover every aspect of property management. This integration allows for unparalleled coordination and efficiency, ensuring that every need of your property is met with expert care and attention.

Proactive Approach

Our proactive management philosophy at Primior is fundamental to our success. We don’t just react to issues; we anticipate and prevent them. This approach includes regular property inspections, preventive maintenance programs, and staying abreast of market trends to advise our clients on strategic decisions.

Property Specializations

Primior specializes in maximizing property value for a wide array of property types through our proactive, elite property management formula.

We've spent years developing our unique property management specializations:

multifamily property management vs asset management
Residential Property Management
Primior offers bespoke residential property management in Los Angeles, ensuring comfort for tenants and peace of mind for owners.
Commercial Property Management
Primior excels in commercial property management across Los Angeles, ensuring optimal performance and tenant satisfaction for your business spaces.


Frequently asked property management questions & answers.

Primior is one of Buena Park, California’s premier choices when it comes to both residential and commercial property management. Our services extend beyond simple maintenance – we anticipate issues and address them proactively before they arise, and do everything within our power to maximize the value of your real estate invesetment.

A property management company handles the day-to-day operations of a real estate property on behalf of the owner. Their responsibilities include finding and screening tenants, setting and collecting rent, handling maintenance and repairs, responding to tenant complaints, and even managing budget and records for the property.

Property management fees are typically structured as a percentage of the monthly rental income collected from the property. Rates can vary, but most management companies charge anywhere from 5% to 12% of the monthly rent. Some companies may also charge a flat fee, depending on the level of services provided.

To learn more about our property management fees, start by getting a free rental property analysis so that we can give you an accurate property management quote!

Property managers offer numerous benefits, including saving landlords time and stress by handling all aspects of management, from tenant relations to maintenance issues. They bring expertise in local laws and regulations, help maximize rental income, maintain occupancy rates, and preserve the value of the property through diligent care and oversight.

Effective property management can increase a property’s value by ensuring it is well-maintained, improvements are made strategically, and the property remains competitive in the market. Good management also contributes to tenant satisfaction, which can lead to longer tenancy periods and lower vacancy rates. At Primior, we offer real estate investment strategy & advisory services to our clients.

Property managers handle the eviction process by issuing proper notices, filing the necessary legal documents, and representing the property owner in court if required. They ensure the process is carried out in compliance with local and state laws to avoid potential legal complications.

In California, the eviction process requires landlords to provide a notice to the tenant, such as a 3-day notice to pay rent or quit if they have not paid the rent. If the tenant does not comply with the notice, the landlord can file an unlawful detainer lawsuit. The tenant must be lawfully served, and the case may go to court.

California’s rent control laws, such as the Tenant Protection Act of 2019, limit the amount landlords can increase rent annually and provide ‘just cause’ eviction protections to tenants. The allowable rent increase cap is set at 5% plus the inflation rate, not exceeding 10% total.

In California, landlords must return the security deposit within 21 days after the tenant moves out, with an itemized statement of any deductions for unpaid rent, cleaning, and repairs beyond normal wear and tear. Landlords can only withhold amounts that are reasonably necessary for these purposes.

Yes, in jurisdictions with rent control laws, such as California, there’s a limit to how much a landlord can increase rent within a 12-month period. The cap is typically set as a percentage of the current rent and is often tied to the inflation rate.

In California, landlords can charge a pet deposit in addition to the security deposit. The total of all deposits cannot exceed two months’ rent for unfurnished dwellings or three months’ rent for furnished ones. Pet rent, a monthly fee, can also be charged as part of the lease agreement.

Tenant screening involves verifying the potential tenant’s background, including credit history, rental history, employment status, and criminal record. Landlords or property managers typically use a tenant application form to gather necessary information and may use a third-party screening service to conduct the checks.


Our property management clients have recognizes our ability to drive maximum value to their investments.

The positive reviews from our clients stand as a testament to the quality and effectiveness of Primior’s property management services. Our clients frequently commend our responsive communication, our dedication to maintaining high standards, and our ability to adapt to the unique needs of each property. These testimonials, from satisfied tenants to happy property owners, reflect our unwavering commitment to service excellence and client satisfaction.

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